Science Communication

Few years back I became more interested and involved in science communication. Besides giving numerous public lectures to basically anyone who will listen, I have been in charge of the program of the Novi Sad Science Festival and the Researchers Night @ Novi Sad. Some other projects I’ve also been involved in you can read about below, for everything else see my CV.


A project that really got me started in science communication was the FameLab competition where the goal is to find new faces of science among young people working in science. This project/competition was held in 10 nations separately, Serbian FameLab being one of them. Following that, national winners went on to have international FameLab competition, where I won the 2nd place, with my 3 min presentation on northern lights which you can check out here.

International Year of Astronomy 2009

As a part of IYA2009 teher was a national (Serbia) version of the project She Is An Astronomer project (“Ona je astronom“), which consted of blogging, but where bloggers are women astronomers, and I was one of them. Since the International Your of Astronomy is behind us, the blog is not very active now, but still from time to time there is an interesting text there to read so check it out!

Public Lectures and Activities

Important part of science communication is of course going out there and getting your hands dirty so I tend to do a lot of public lectures in schools (both elementary and high), astronomical societies, cultural centers, science festivals (in Belgrade and Novi Sad), at events like Reserchs’ Night , TEDxYouth etc.

Moreover, I also try to help others improve on their lecturing skills so I wrote a small guide as a starting point to giving good lectures which was published in (and appeared on the front page of!) Communicating Astronomy With the Public Journal. So if you’d like to see a popular science lecture on astronomy in your city or institution, just drop me an email and I’ll be happy to come! 🙂