My research interests include applied mathematical analysis and modelling, with an accent on study of equations arising in kinetic theory of gases, in particular in the context of mixtures of monatomic and polyatomic gases.

(last update: November 2021)

List of publications and recent preprints

  1. L. Boudin, B. Grec, M. Pavić-Čolić, S. Simić. Energy method for the Boltzmann equation of monatomic gaseous mixtures, arXiv:2110.07213, 2021.
  2. V. Djordjić, M. Pavić-Čolić, Manuel Torrilhon, Consistent, Explicit and Accessible Boltzmann Collision Operator for Polyatomic Gases, Physical Review E, 104, 025309, 2021 (journal)
  3. M. Pavić-Čolić, D. Mađarević, S. Simić. Shock structure and Relaxation in the Multi-Component Mixture of Euler Fluids, Symmetry, 13, 955, 2021.
  4. I. M. Gamba, M. Pavić-Čolić, On the Cauchy problem for Boltzmann equation modelling a polyatomic gas, arXiv:2005.01017, 2020
  5. E. de la Canal, I. M. Gamba, M. Pavić-Čolić. Propagation of Lpβ-norm, 1<p≤∞, for the system of Boltzmann equations for monatomic gas mixtures, arXiv: 2001.09204, 2020
  6. V. Đorđić, M. Pavić-Čolić, N. Spasojević, Polytropic gas modelling at kinetic and macroscopic levels, Kinetic and Related Models, 14(3): 483-522, 2021 (journal)
  7. I. M. Gamba, M. Pavić-Čolić. On existence and uniqueness to homogeneous Boltzmann flows of monatomic gas mixtures, Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, 235: 723–781, 2020 (journal)
  8. M. Pavić-Čolić, Multi-velocity and multi-temperature model of the mixture of polyatomic gases issuing from kinetic theory, Physics Letters A, 383: 2829–2835, 2019 (journal)
  9. M. Pavić-Čolić, M. Tasković. Propagation of stretched exponential moments for the Kac equation and Boltzmann equation with Maxwell molecules, Kinetic and Related Models, 11(3): 597–613, 2018 (journal)
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  11. S. Simić, M. Pavić-Čolić, D. Madjarević. Non-equilibrium mixtures of gases: Modelling and computation, Rivista di Matematica della Universita di Parma, 6(1): 135–214, 2015 (journal)
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  15. M. Pavić, T. Ruggeri, S. Simić. Maximum entropy principle for rarefied polyatomic gases, Physica A, 392(6): 1302–1317, 2013 (journal)
  16.  L. Boudin, B. Grec, M. Pavić-Čolić, F. Salvarani. A kinetic model for polytropic gases with internal energy, PAMM Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 13: 353–354, 2013 (journal)


  • PhD thesis: Mathematical modelling and analysis of polyatomic gases and mixtures in the context of kinetic theory of gases and fluid mechanics, 2014 (link)
  • Master thesis: The Boltzmann equation and the Chapman-Enskog method, 2010 (link, in Serbian)
  • Diploma thesis: The Boltzmann equation and its applications, 2009 (in Serbian)

Conferences, workshops, seminars and summer schools

  • July 7-10, 2021: Pre-RGD32 Online Workshop on Recent Hot Topics in Rarefied Gas Dynamics
  • June 20-26, 2021: 8th European Congress of Mathematics, Minisymposium CA18232: Variational Methods and Equations on Graphs (MS – ID 40), Portorož, Slovenia
  • May, 23-24, 2021: 2021 SIAM Conference on Dynamical Systems,Virtual
  • March, 13-14, 2021: American Mathematical Society Spring Southeastern Virtual Sectional Meeting
  • January, 18, 2021: Cauchy problem and moment equations for the Boltzmann model describing a polyatomic gas, Seminar TU Darmstadt, Germany 
  • October, 5, 2020: On the Cauchy problem and Lp theory for kinetic models beyond the monatomic gas, Seminar TU Vienna, Austria
  • September, 16, 2020: On the continuous kinetic model for a polyatomic gas, Seminar MathCCES, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
  • October, 3-5, 2019: Kongres mladih matematičara u Novom Sadu
  • February, 13-14, 2019: The Cauchy problem for spatially homogeneous Boltzmann flows: an unified approach for monatomic gas mixtures and polyatomic gas, Flash Workshop on kinetics of mixtures and plasmas, UT Austin, Texas, USA,
  • November, 19-23, 2018: Particle systems and PDE’s VII, Palermo, Italy,
  • September 2018: XLII Summer School on Mathematical Physics, Ravello, Italy,
  • July 2018: instructor of the project “Espresso Coffee Problem” at the ECMI (European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry) Modelling Week in Novi Sad, Serbia,
  • May, 11, 2018: Existence and Uniqueness of a Boltzmann System for Gas Mixtures, Analysis Seminar at the Department of Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin, USA,
  • May 2017: ICTP Advanced School & Workshop on Nonlocal Partial Differential Equations and Applications to Geometry, Physics and Probability (smr 3118), Trieste, Italy,
  • July 2016: instructor of the project “Red deer import” at the ECMI Modelling Week in Sofia, Bulgaria,
  • June 2016: Recent advances in Kinetic equations and applications, UPMC, Paris, France,
  • May, 5, 2016: Some aspects of systems of Boltzmann-like equations for gaseous mixtures, Analysis/Mathematical Physics Seminar at the Department of Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin, USA,
  • September 2014: Problems on Kinetic theory and PDE’s, Novi Sad, Serbia,
  • June 2014: Methods and Models of Kinetic Theory, Porto Ercole, Italy,
  • February 2014: 99th European Study Group with Industry, Novi Sad, Serbia,
  • May 2013: SMAI 2013, 6ème biennale des mathématiques appliquées et industrielles, Seignosse le Penon, France,
  • March 2013: 84th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM), Novi Sad, Serbia,
  • March 2013: Kinetic days, IMT Toulouse, France,
  • October, 31, 2012: Difuziona asimptotska analiza kinetičkog modela gasnih mešavina, Seminar Mathematical methods of Mechanics, Mathematical Institute SANU, Belgrade, Serbia,
  • September 2012: MechAM, 50 Years of Seminar for Analysis and Foundations of Mathematics, Novi Sad, Serbia,
  • September 2012: XXXVII Summer School on Mathematical Physics, Ravello, Italy,
  • June 2012: Methods and Models of Kinetic Theory, Porto Ercole, Italy,
  • June 2011: Non linear hyperbolic systems of balance laws in Extended Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory, Cortona, Italy,
  • September 2010: ECMI Summer School and Modelling Week, Milan, Italy.

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